Social Work Breaks Barriers (National Social Work Month)

As we celebrate National Social Work Month, this is a time to renew your commitment, dedication, and service to the profession as well as the individuals you serve. As I approach my 25th year as a Licensed Social Worker, I believe it is important to mentally revisit my purpose. In other words, what is my “Why” as it relates to breaking barriers.


When I began this journey on April 10, 1998, public health was important to me. Along the way, I developed a desire to train and educate others. In my current practice, I utilize both of those gifts and incorporate the skills and knowledge that I have gained along my journey to help others struggling with challenges.


Every opportunity where I am able to encourage, lift, support and provide words of hope to another person, I leap for the opportunity. Can you relate? So back to my “Why”, I believe life is a gift, gifts are to be shared, and opportunities are endless roads to our own personal journey. We cannot measure the mental reward gained from assisting someone to find a road to hope.


This is how I, Carolyn D. Quin, MSW, LCSW, MS, CHES, break barriers. I would love to hear from you during this 2023 National Social Work Month. How do you break barriers? What is your “Why” in your profession?


Lastly, I encourage anyone who has experienced a barrier during their journey to begin breaking barriers for others by first breaking barriers for themselves. You will be proud to proclaim my “Why” is to help others break barriers.


Carolyn D. Quin, MSW, LCSW, MS, CHES

Behavioral Health Director

March 9, 2023