Aaron E. Henry Community Health Services Center


"On a daily basis, the medical team at AEH addresses the unique problems faced by those in our communities who have often had to go without adequate and quality health care. We have heard the needs of our people and we are continuously striving to meet these needs through the development and implementation of innovative health care strategies aimed at those prevalent health problems burdening our communities."

Aaron E. Henry Community Health Services Center, Inc. has been answering the call of Delta residents seeking comprehensive, affordable healthcare for themselves and their families for close to 40 years. Aaron E. Henry takes a sweeping approach to improving the health status of our communities. This approach includes services aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles. Complete primary and preventive medical care to dental services, family planning, pediatrics, public transportation, social services, nutritional education, and community outreach are just some of the resources that we offer to assist people in their everyday lives. Our services are billed on a sliding fee scale so everyone, regardless of their income level or their ability to pay receives the same quality healthcare. Our goal has always been, “To provide quality health care when caring counts.”

A snapshot of some of our services:

* We accept Private Insurance, CHIP, Medicaid, Medicare, and Individuals without Insurance.