Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is medicine!  More primary care providers are writing exercise prescriptions for their patients and referring them to an exercise professional. These healthcare providers entrust one with the appropriate educational background and experience. Anyone can be a personal trainer (high school diploma or not) but remember to do your research before you hire someone based on the outer appearance of a muscular fit body.  Skills and education matter.

Exercise is medicine because it can enhance in the following ways:

·      Physiological

Reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, manage and/or prevent many medical issues, and support the Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

·      Psychological

Much scientific research literature has shown that exercise produces “feel-good” hormones and reduces the negative hormone cortisol levels (high levels this hormone is shown to be bad).

·      Sociological

  • Meeting others can increase positive social interaction
  • Motivation by connecting with others alike socially
  • Community resources that can assist in helping client reach goal(s)

The exercise therapy program at the AEH Wellness Center offers the following services:

  • Exercise Therapy
    • Weight Management
    • Preventative Care
    • Post-Rehabilitation Programs
    • Kids Fitness Programs
    • Get Fit & Well Clinics
  • Senior Fitness Programs
  • Aerobic Programs
  • 1-on-1 Training Programs

Everyone who joins our wellness center is given an individualized exercise program tailored to meet his/her own individual needs. Healthier lifestyles are our goal.