Public Transportation in the Mississippi Delta

Delta Rides is a network of non-profit organizations that provide transportation services within the Mississippi Delta region. While many of these organizations provide special services for seniors, persons with disabilities or Medicaid clients, they also provide general public transit services that are available to anyone.

map of bus routes in Mississippi DeltaThe mission of Delta Rides is to Move Mississippi Forward by giving residents reliable, affordable access to:

  • Jobs
  • Training Programs
  • Colleges
  • Medical Facilities
  • Shopping
  • Recreation

Unless otherwise noted, the services described on this page are open to everyone and for any trip purpose.

This page provides an overview of the public transit services in Coahoma, Desoto, Panola, Quitman, Tallahatchie, Tate and Tunica Counties. For details about a specific service, contain the transit provider at the number shown. For information about transportation services in other Delta counties, call Delta Rides at 877-866-8272.


Anyone Can Ride...Give Us a Call

Several transportation agencies provide public transit services in the region, including fixed route bus and curb-to-curb van services.

  • Fixed Route Buses: Bus routes which connect communities are shown on the map. Call the transit agency for stop locations and times.
  • Curb-to-curb Vans: These services are available by calling at least one day ahead to schedule a trip. The map shows which transportation provider offers curb-to-curb service in specific areas.


(662) 624-5907 or 1-800-581-5605
DARTS operates in Clarksdale.

Employment Routes

These bus routes run Monday through Sunday and provide transportation to jobs and recreation opportunities in Tunica and Robinsonville, including the Casino Strip. The routes serve all three work shifts at the Casinos.

DARTS Route 1: Clarksdale to Casino Strip via Hwy 61

Route 1 makes six round trips each day between Clarksdale and the Casino Strip in Robinsonville. It picks up/drops off at DARTS office, Job Service and Willow Park Apartments in Clarksdale.

Fares for trips to/from employers in Robinsonville:

From: One-Way Fare 20-Ride Ticket Book
Tunica $10.00 ------
Clarksdale, Coahoma County $12.00 $140.00

See the map and call DARTS for pickup times and locations.  See schedule.

Due to increased fuel costs, fares may change without notice. Please call for current fares.

General Public Dial-a-Ride Service in Seven Counties

DARTS offers Dial-a-Ride service in Coahoma, Quitman, Tallahatchie, Tate, Panola, Desote and Tunica Counties. A 24-hour advance reservation is required. Fares vary with distance but are approximately:

  • Within City - $15 plus $2 per extra stop
  • Within County (but outside Clarksdale) - $25 plus $2 per extra stop
  • Between Counties - Based on distance.  These services will be coordinated between Delta Rides project.  Please call for prices and availability of accommodation.

Curb-to-Curb Service for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

DARTS also offers low-cost curb-to-curb service for seniors (60+) and persons with disabilities who have registered with the system. For more information about this service call DARTS at 800-898-RIDE.


(866) 562-6074
in Boliver, Sunflower and Washington Counties

Employment Buses to the Casino Strip

BCCOA operates several bus routes from Boliver and Sunflower counties to the Casino Strip employment area in Robinsonville. Buses serve three shifts at the Casinos: morning (7-8 a.m.), mid-day (3-4 p.m.) and late night (11 p.m.). Bus routes include:

East Bolivar to Casino Strip - Bus stops in Cleveland, Merigold, Mound Bayou, Winstonville and Shelby

Sunflower County to Casino Strip - Bus stops in Drew and Shelby

Cleveland to Parchman Bus

BCCOA provides employment transportation from Cleveland to the Mississippi Department of Corrections at Parchman. Buses arrive at Parchman at 7:50 a.m. and leave shortfly after 5:00 p.m. Bus stops are located in Cleveland, Renova, Merigold, Mound Bayou, Winstonville and Shelby.

See BCCOA schedules or call BCCOA for exact pick-up times, locations and fares.

Delta Bus Line

(662) 627-7893

Due to increased fuel costs, fares may change without notice. Please call for current fares.